Sixteen years ago, I endured a life-changing experience.

After two car crashes in a few months, I was ­left with a serious degenerative spinal injury. My world changed from being active and fulfilling to one of chronic back and neck pain and discomfort.

Back in 2009, my good friend found a treatment in the USA at Advanced Biomedical Technologies that could potentially ease the pain and discomfort and repair the soft tissue damage caused in the car accident. It took a year to save the money for treatment, flights and accommodation for my life changing journey. At the time treatments were $120 per hour.

After twenty one treatments in thirty days in Minneapolis, USA, I began to feel a real benefit – and was pain free for the first time in twelve years.

My daughter Samantha and I decided to bring the technology to Great Britain; open a clinic; and provide the treatment to alleviate other people’s pain and suffering.

We set up Advanced Healing Therapies  in early 2010 and after launching a clinic using the technology in Binley Woods, Coventry, my business has helped more than 550 clients (the youngest being 21 months of age – the eldest being eighty-six) with lower back injuries, frozen shoulder, arthritic joints, knee injuries, sports injuries, Achilles tendon injury, whiplash injuries, repetitive strain injuries, fibromyalgia, muscle fibrosis, fungal toe nail infections, post operative pain and scarring, caesarean scaring,  insomnia, and many other injuries and ailments.

Recently, a gentleman called early in the week after twisting and pulling muscles in his lower back. At the time he called, he was concerned and considering cancelling his holiday (he was travelling the upcoming Saturday) because he was suffering so much pain. After one treatment on the following Thursday, he called on the Friday to confirm he was pain free and was able to travel and enjoy his holiday. Speaking of his treatment, Mr. True of Rugby commented, “I can’t thank you enough. I woke up this morning (the following day) pain free. The treatment is amazing!”

Advanced Healing Therapies uses Nobel Prize winning technology which has been widely available in America for the past 20 years – but not here in the Great Britain.

Ordinarily, the first consultation and treatment takes two hours – and is excellent value for money. Most injuries and ailments take between four and six treatments to address healing or other issues.

So how does our Technology work?

The human body is made up of a vast number of cells. In many ways, the cells of the human body act like tiny batteries, storing and releasing energy. Each cell has a measurable electrical charge and therefore there is a constant energy flow maintained between cells throughout the electrical circuitry of the body. When damage or trauma occurs, there is a disruption in the production of electricity and a measurable decrease in the flow of energy through the tissues involved.

During treatment, the Electro-Acuscope and Myopulse introduce mild electrical currents into the cells of your body in order to return the tissue to a normal level of electrical activity. This process may be likened to a “jump start” and “putting a charge” on the battery of a car. In this way, the instrument assists the body in accelerating the natural self-healing process.

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