Your health really is your wealth

October 10th, 2017

Gut Health


Most of us here are in business to make money.  For many of us we are the key person or the only person in our business.  Have you ever considered what would happen if you are long term sick and unable to work?  Who would pay the bills and support you and your family?

The logical philosophy is that without your good health you can’t take care of either of your family or your business.

That doesn’t sound too bad until you hear that their healthy life expectancy is only 63 years.  Meaning that on average the last twenty years will be spent in poor health.  These figures are worse than they were back in 2009.

In the 21st century we are now seeing massive increases of  diseases and syndromes that were just not seen even 50 years ago.

We should be looking forward to a longer healthier life because of the scientific discoveries and knowledge we have accumulated over the last 100 years.

Because of the toxic environments we live in, for the first time in history we are looking at a situation where our children may not live as long as the current generation.

The biggest problem in the UK is that we do not take responsibility for our own health.  We wait until we become sick and then visit our overworked GP who will prescribe something which may address the symptoms, or often create new symptoms which need yet another prescription and before you know it you are on 10 tablets a day and feeling like ……none too good.

Can you believe doctors only get only two days training on nutrition at medical school.

The ideal would be to eat organic all the time

We all know the governments recommendations that we eat 5 portions of fruit and veg a day.  This was set not because that is the ideal amount but because they believed it can be achieved.  Health experts are now saying we should be eating at least 10 portions of fruit and veg a day. The benefit comes when this is organic and full of nutrients and has no pesticide’s contaminating it.  It is thought only about 30% of the population manage even 5 a day.

Even if you do eat lots of fruit and vegetables our farming land is depleted of nutrients, loaded with pesticides and chemicals and much of our fruit and veg are picked when they are under ripe leaving the nutrition in the plant, then cold stored and ripened by gas in large hanger size sheds.  A recent test on broccoli showed it had about 30% less nutrients than 50 years ago.

Dr Michael Moseley swallowed a camera to see inside his gut & we have learnt much from his discoveries. He has now studied and written  a book. The number One best Seller “The Clever Guts Diet”.

Humans are made up of 100 trillion cells but only 10% of them contain any human DNA.  The rest is made up of micro organisms, bacteria and fungi.  We have approximately 10,000 additional species residing in us.

Taking NewGen daily will restore your gut health

Our all-in-one product NewGen Superfoods Plus is revolutionary. Each serving provides an extensive range of certified organic raw wholefood fruits, veggies, seeds, grains, greens, grasses, sprouts, protein and fibre, plus antioxidants, naturally occurring nutrients and phytonutrients, digestive enzymes, extracts and over 10 billion (dairy free) friendly bacteria. Our formula is 100% natural, using the very finest ingredients and highest quality manufacturing processes. Our vegetarian and vegan friendly product is also free from gluten, whey, dairy, GMO ingredients, sweeteners, added sugar and synthetic nutrients. It is the best of the best!

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The greatest wealth really is health

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